This is a call for all LGBT*IQA persons to contribute with your stories, resources and skills and participate in Queer Archive building. What we have started off is a small step in recording of our her/history. During the first period of our work on Archive – we have had financial support for initial collection of the material and web-site launch – yet given the quantity of the data, scope of work and the importance of Archive – we now work as volunteers. Queer Archive is an open platform intended for participation of wider circle of persons as to continue growing. That is why we need every support such as translation of texts, transcription of material, scanning the documents, further data, material and personal stories collecting, and further interviews recording.

Our goal is to record and collect personal stories, her/histories and actions of:

-LGBT*IQA and feminist activists who have made a great contribution to visibility of LGBT*IQA human rights, culture and identities;
-LGBT*IQA cultural workers active in the field of socially engaged art;
-academic workers active in the field of gender, cultural and queer studies;
-LGBT*IQA persons across BiH

Build your own LGBT*IQA her/history and participate:

  1. Share your stories, pictures, material, letters, poems related to LGBT*IQA her/history. When we first started off, we asked these questions: How did LGBT*IQA persons live in Yugoslavia? How did LGBT*IQA persons survive and resist to war? What is life like after the war? We can also work together and record the stories in a form of textual and/or audio interview, with possibility of visualization. Each person who shares the story, image and/or material decides to which extent they want to be visible. With your consent, your story will be published on website of Queer Archive;
  2. Share academic works, documentaries, references, events and/or persons whom you find relevant for LGBT*IQA her/history in BiH and the region;
  3. Share information on Queer Archive through your contacts, friends, social networks;
  4. Engage with entry-making on Wikipedia. We have a list of over 40 notable persons/event we aim to cover. You are welcome to write these articles.

Do you think something is missing? Write and/or translate texts – what is not yet written, should be recorded. What is written – should be translated and shared. For all your questions, comments and ideas – contact us via: