Queer Archive initiative records, documents, collects and makes visible personal stories, her/histories and actions of LGBT*IQA persons in BiH. This is realized through series of interviews, photographs, audio and video recordings and launch of digital multimedia platform – Queer Archive.

Our aim is to record and collect personal stories, her/histories and actions of:

-LGBT*IQA and feminist activists who have made a great contribution to visibility of LGBT*IQA human rights, culture and identities;
-LGBT*IQA cultural workers active in the field of socially engaged art;
-academic workers active in the field of gender, cultural and queer studies;
-LGBT*IQA persons across BiH

We believe that every person owns her/history and knowledge of their lived experiences in their own authentic structure of memory. Together, we want to learn how to locate and tell those stories of LGBT*IQA persons and collectives within the wider social context.

Queer Archive is built by LGBT*IQA persons and groups motivated:

-to critically think, study and record our her/histories and her/histories of our communities;
-to collaboratively learn structures and ways of locating, creating, representing, connecting and meaning of polyvocality of perspectives, knowledge and our experiences through space and time;
-to witness our own and others’ her/history
-to use creative ways for knowledge production including art and technology (as well as multimedia tools, interactive, open-source, digital media platforms)

Queer Archive has been initiated by a group of persons from Association Okvir, which stands for promotion and protection of human rights, culture and identities of LGBT*IQA persons in BiH through education, psychology, art and culture in public and on-line space. Our vision is a safe society where every person has the right to their self-determination and where diversity, solidarity, responsibility and love are promoted and nurtured. We believe that every person has the right to a dignified life free from violence based on their gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, class, color of one’s skin, religion/faith, nationality and ability.